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Jay Inbar
Inbar Group

Located in New York, NY
Phone: 212-473-5000
Ira Rashap
Murphy Business

Located in Westwood, MA

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An established premier IT solutions provider with an industry reputation of client satisfaction and commitment to excellence. Serves small to mid-size businesses in NYC, LI, NJ, S-NY, Philadelphia & area, S/E- Connecticut, parts of Mass, Rhode Island, Parts of Delaware & Maryland. Customer base repr...

  • $18,000,000.00Asking Price
  • $800,000.00Sales
  • $100,000.00Cash Flow
  • 180Cash Flow Multiple

An established premier IT solutions provider with an industry reputation of client satisfaction and commitment to excellence. Serves small to mid-size businesses in NYC, LI, NJ, S-NY, Philadelphia & area, S/E- Connecticut, parts of Mass, Rhode Island, Parts of Delaware & Maryland. Customer base repr...

  • $18,000,000.00Asking Price
  • $800,000.00Sales
  • $100,000.00Cash Flow
  • 180Cash Flow Multiple


  • $20,000,000.00Asking Price
  • $3,000,000.00Sales
  • $2,500,000.00Cash Flow
  • $2,500,000.00EBTIDA
  • 8Cash Flow Multiple

For sale is a B2B software platform product in the binary options market. The platform is sold to brokers (financial institutions, banks, forex brokers, binary brokers, binary start-ups) so they can offer binary options as a product to their retail clients. The pricing currently consists of a one ti...

  • $600,000.00Asking Price
  • $405,315.00Sales

This franchise opportunity is on the cutting edge in the Digital Space providing clients a clear and leading Internet presence specifically targeting small-to-medium sized business clients. Territories exist in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. This is an opportunity to create an incredi...

  • $26,300.00Asking Price

This internet wholesale distributor and retailer markets a wide variety of products with the primary focus on all types of blankets. Additionally, they offer shoes, t-shirts, handbags, lanyards, hats, bathroom accessories, and computers to name a few. As a wholesaler, they have developed a network o...

  • $450,000.00Asking Price
  • $1,009,451.00Sales

Business networking is sorely lacking today. Experienced, successful business professionals need and want to network/connect with other well-connected experienced professionals but are challenged to find a quality networking community because traditional networking organizations 1) lack good network...

  • $450,000.00Asking Price
  • $177,793.00Sales

his firm has been a leading distributor of more than 300 lines of name brand equipment for the construction industry for nearly 40 years. Among their clientele are woodworkers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, municipalities, state agencies and schools, & hospitals. Ownership estimates that 90% ...

  • $3,800,000.00Asking Price

PENDING SALE Business Opportunity – This business has been successful over the years with sales of over $800k for years in the fitness equipment space. The current owner was able to fund his retirement though this income source. After operating the business for over 10 years, the owner has lost i...

  • $25,000.00Asking Price
  • $114,215.00Sales

This an Excellent opportunity to own a well- established and profitable E-COMMERCE BUSINESS. This business has an excellent repeat commercial customer base and a very strong web presence that serves the medical industry. This business has recently completed a complete technical re-platform project a...

  • $699,000.00Asking Price
  • $1,819,337.00Sales

Reason for Sale: Starting on new internet venture. Small IT firm in the heart of Miami. IT clients account $4,668/year in recurring Computer preventive maintenance revenue. Accounts include small businesses, retail and much more. Total Sales $22,853. Great starter business for a first time business ...

  • $17,000.00Asking Price
  • $22,853.00Sales

Established Web Development and IT Firm in Miami. 70% Web related services versus 30% IT services. Seller creates affordable websites and provides SEO Services. $21,995/yr in recurring SEO revenue. Seller is a Google Engage Agency member/Lenovo Business partner/HP Business partner. On the IT side th...

  • $39,000.00Asking Price
  • $69,064.00Sales

This company is the authorized resellers of document scanners, point of sale pin pads, large format scanners, check scanners, multifunction machine (scanner, printer, copiers), and sale of software. They represent 19 manufactures as a wholesale broker of their products because of this can give deep ...

  • $118,000.00Asking Price
  • $944,024.00Sales

Seller has been involved in the importing and sale of novelties for nearly 30 years. Sales have been very consistent over the prior 5 years; despite a national recession. The ownership has made a strategic decision over the last two years to focus on the internet orders and retail customers rather t...

  • $1,600,000.00Asking Price
  • $1,694,627.00Sales

This company is a recurring monthly revenue streams income producer with long term contracts. The organization is focused on delivering high speed internet service and hosted Voice Over IP services. We take a white glove approach to customer service and delivery - to ensure the highest in customer s...

  • $949,000.00Asking Price
  • $772,156.00Sales

IT Distributor
Listing ID: 12916

Profitable and growing B2B Information Technology (IT) distributor based in Puerto Rico. Authorized distribution agreements with major technology manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Microsoft and more. Products include computer hardware, software, peripherals, storage devices, printers...

  • $550,000.00Asking Price
  • $1,080,255.00Sales

Companies are vulnerable to many risks, including financial, security, and third-party risks, which are complicating their business paradigms. In addition, the changing market dynamics and regulatory frameworks are putting added pressure on companies to change their corporate governance, risk manage...

  • $6,500,000.00Asking Price
  • $925,000.00Sales

As Google continually changes its algorithms, it has also become increasingly vital for businesses to hire quality SEO firms to navigate this ever-changing field making these services more in demand. As well, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is gaining much more interest than before as most people...

  • $900,000.00Asking Price
  • $622,700.00Sales

Social media is a great way for friends to keep in contact in new and novel ways, but it’s also a great platform for businesses to interact with their customer base, strengthen their brand and reach new audiences. This business offers services to increase Instagram followers, Facebook fans, like...

  • $375,000.00Asking Price
  • $308,167.00Sales

For sale is one of the top app marketing agencies.The business is highly profitable with high margin products and services including digital courses, app marketing services and membership programs. In 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020, mobile apps are...

  • $1,000,000.00Asking Price
  • $391,897.00Sales

For sale is one of the top Emoji app businesses in the world with 5.5 years of history at the front of the emoji craze. With 55,000+ 4.5 star ratings, multiple Apple "Best Of" features, and 1.1 million combined MAU across the 5 main apps, this app business is already poised for continued success. An...

  • $3,000,000.00Asking Price

Well designed and profitable 3 Year old online jewelry business is now available. Work from home! A simple to run process is in place and this business can be relocated and run anywhere in the U.S. and can be run as a home based business or in an office. There is an established fan base with over 35...

  • $198,000.00Asking Price
  • $390,781.00Sales

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