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Well Established and Profitable Coin-Laundromat in the Okanagan - Great Location and Lease Business For Sale
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State of The Art Fitness Center in Atlanta, Georgia Business For Sale
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State of the Art Full Service Fitness Center Located in the State of Kansas Business For Sale
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Dynamic Health & Fitness West Columbia, SC Location Business For Sale
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Owner Operator make $120,000 on A Fitness Center with NO DEBT Great Location Business For Sale
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Tony Pyke
Expert Franchise Consulting Inc

Located in Columbus, GA
Phone: 706-602-1700

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Providing the best-in-class services and support to individuals and businesses alike, this business is ready to expand as large as you can imagine! Ideal business for a recent graduate, student, or person with a strong technological background. Business Features Include: - Over 10 years runni...

  • $98,000.00Asking Price
  • $366,617.00Sales
  • $48,534.00Cash Flow
  • 2.02Cash Flow Multiple

For sale is a 4.5 year old, stable portfolio of Android apps with over 137 million downloads and 2.2mm DAU. In the last 12 months the portfolio has generated 450 million ad impressions and 167 mission total sessions. The portfolio contains lots of useful tools, games, kids apps, and entertainment...

  • $600,000.00Asking Price
  • $415,470.00Sales

For sale is one of the first mobile app marketing companies in this niche. They provide proven, tested app marketing strategies to help clients reach their goals. Whether clients have a game, business, social or other app, this business can help the client achieve results with their marketing plan. ...

  • $275,000.00Asking Price
  • $213,047.00Sales

For sale is an app business that primarily serves other app developers and marketers. The business was started in April of 2014. The current owner bought it from the original owners in April of 2016 and has built it up to what it is today by adding higher end products, services and content. The busi...

  • $75,000.00Asking Price
  • $38,951.00Sales

The business specializes in repairs of chips in windshield repair and the competitive difference is that they are the ones who are processing the claims for the technicians via a software platform. This allows the repair to happen more efficient since the technician does not have to make a phone cal...

  • $3,300,000.00Asking Price
  • $1,627,614.00Sales

Excellent opportunity to acquire a leading software product with annual license agreements in place. This product is the market leader for its category and was recently released on the latest technology platform. The business consistently provides solid cash flow and can be managed with a small team...

  • $1,500,000.00Asking Price
  • $993,618.00Sales

For sale is an iOS app with almost 6 million downloads and that currently gets 2,398 downloads/day. The app is quite simple, but users love it! (The specific app and niche is only available with a signed NDA) The app has been in the App Store since June of 2010. The owner didn't pay much atte...

  • $500,000.00Asking Price
  • $164,085.00Sales

Business Opportunity As a well-established SaaS business with state-of-the-art IP in the massive agriculture and AgTech industries along with its exploding growth, demonstrated profitability, growing recurring revenues, and nearly 100% retention rate, the business valuation is based on a multiple o...

  • $5,500,000.00Asking Price
  • $1,058,040.00Sales

For sale is a lifestyle/utility app that helps users sleep. The app has been live on iOS since 2013 and Google since 2014. The app has generated a total of 1,414,000 downloads (877,000 on iOS and 542,000 on Google). The owners do not track DAU or MAU but in the last 12 months the apps have genera...

  • $600,000.00Asking Price

For sale is a set of games from an application development company who has been developing mobile games since 2003. They started on PocketPC and Palm platforms and then moved to iPhones in 2009 and iPads later. They have developed more than 30 games with over 250 million total downloads. This po...

  • $4,000,000.00Asking Price
  • $2,378,445.00Sales

For sale is an emoji app with stickers, gifs gestures that users in this niche love. Downloads are driven through paid advertising and generates a fast ROI. This is a paid app that also has revenue for merchandise in place - apparel, mugs, and other niche related items etc. Launched November 2016 wi...

  • $65,000.00Asking Price
  • $33,327.00Sales

For sale is an established app portfolio with over 60,000,000 downloads and consistent revenue dating back several years. The portfolio primarily consists of Unity 3D games built with source code developed in-house. No marketing, downloads are all organic and have come from good ASO. Owner curre...

  • $600,000.00Asking Price
  • $325,608.00Sales

For sale is an app business with 168 apps across games, photo apps and casino apps. The Company has created multiple games within various markets, platforms and sectors to facilitate different entertainment audiences and potential needs within niche markets. If it is of interest for a new owner the ...

  • $280,000.00Asking Price
  • $117,231.00Sales

Opportunity This company offers state-of-the-art intellectual property providing tools to gather and act on data which creates immersive consumer shopping and entertainment experiences. It has just completed a successful beta testing in the Australian market only. While the company has generated st...

  • $1,028,938.00Asking Price
  • $227,923.00Sales

Software Company
Listing ID: 13212

Highly profitable software company that has no boundaries for it's location. Can easily be operated from a home office. The company has offered their software since 1995 and built a very stable customer base. A steady stream of residual income is produced through annual renewals. ...

  • $447,000.00Asking Price
  • $259,513.00Sales

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